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In the Moment Explore the Patient/Client Experience

On the 20th February, In the Moment visited York University to perform to first year nursing students. This was an exciting opportunity for us, with an audience of 170 students! The performance and workshop was for the module ‘Exploring the Patient/Client Experience’. 

In this module students are encouraged and supported in exploring and considering the importance of understanding the patient/client experience of living with a named condition or in a named situation. Throughout the module the students are asked to explore ideas relating to 'patient centredness' and the value of hearing and understanding patient/clients 'stories'. It is hoped that this learning can then develop their understanding through consideration of how they can apply their understanding to nursing practice. 

 The performance and workshop started with a piece we devised called ‘We Are All People’, in which the actors share their stories and experiences of mental health services.

We then continued the workshop in a forum theatre style. The actors played out scenes that could occur in a mental health care setting featuring a nurse. The student nurses then offered the nurse in the scene advice, and worked out how the nurse could improve the situation. The nurses were able to explore how they would cope in situations with low staff numbers, or under pressure.

We hope the students at York University found this as exciting and valuable experience as we did. We look forward to working with York University in the future, as we received a great deal of positive feedback.

By Anna Lewis

Assistant Director of In the Moment