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Train of Thought

For those excited audience members who are waiting for our upcoming show, Retail Therapy, we thought we would help the pain of waiting with a little poem we created for the Arts & Minds conference back in October.

As artists-in-residence we wrote this after a discussion on stigma and labelling in one of the excellent seminars. We hope you can get on board....


This is a public service announcement. The next train to ‘Crazy Town’ will be arriving at Platform Five. Calling at:



Nut job 




and Strange.


We prefer our outsiders inside so only those away with the fairies can get on board. Although all artists are also welcome as their heads are in the clouds.


This is a public service announcement. Will all passengers to ‘Crazy Town’ please ready their labels for inspection, with your stigma clearly safety pinned for all to see. Please keep your baggage with you at all times; so as not to be a burden by leaving it unattended. Kindly refrain from licking the windows as it will spoil the view for other customers.


This is a public service announcement. Will all service users know that the following will not be tolerated on this train.  Being: 





A Loner emotional 

or free thinking 


Will result in a fine or imprisonment. We will not tolerate verbal abuse towards staff especially if you are a





 or just a little bit colourful. You cannot be trusted.


This is a passenger service announcement. Will all our artists kindly moved to the carriages at the front of the train which have been set aside for you. Sufferers kindly moved to the rear. You are either one thing or the other and all labels are not exchangeable. Otherwise we would go off the rails and this is a matter of health and safety.


This is a public service announcement. It appears we are in a weird place. Staff can no longer tell the difference between the artists and the insane which puts us in a great deal of danger as we are unsure of your identity. Please can you stop making an exhibition of yourselves - unless you are making money, in which case, please enjoy our first-class facilities including a hot beverage and a limp sandwich.


Will all the mad people please keep silent in the quiet carriage so as not to disturb the other passengers. Otherwise we must ask for your patients… so we can lock them to the bike rack in coach F. We need to separate you all in case this journey goes loopy.


This is a public service announcement. We regret to inform you that we can no longer tell who is who, where we are, or indeed, whether service is going. We don't know if we are delayed or further ahead than we think.


This train is now going… well, we don't really know where it's going but it appears we will be calling at: 






and Creative.


Everyone is saying we're on the right track but this is too much ambiguity for me. Whatever else happens we hope you enjoy the ride.