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In The Moment - 'Going Large'

Director Jane Allanach gives an insight on the first collaborative rehearsal between In The Moment & Out of Character.

'On Wednesday 22nd June, In the Moment invited Out of Character to one of their theatre sessions. The session started with a few games to get to know each other, and get used to working with different people. The Crocodile River Rafting game was particularly fun, promoting team work whilst trying to avoid falling into crocodile infested waters!

 The group split into two teams which became highly competitive, almost requiring a photo finish to see who arrived first on dry lane!

Next we came under attack by a hideous monster as members of both groups came together and created a huge eating, sleeping, fighting, playing, and finally dying beast. At one scary point in the evening it decided that I was its prey and it was all I could do to escape – a terrifying sight, and one I don’t want to repeat anytime soon!

Finally each person was asked to create 10 lines of dialogue between two or three people. Members were then put into pairs, or groups of three, and asked to use the original scripts to cut and paste and make one longer script (to be performed at the end of the session).

Here is one of the final mix and match scripts created by Jamie, Marie and Paul M:

A:    Who’d have thought the vicar would be involved.

B:    You’re telling me, seems like it had a sudden growth spurt.

C:    Be quiet!

A:    It really is scandalous.

B:    And what happened to that trifle?

A:    It’s a disaster.

C:    There isn’t enough angel delight to feed 16 people for dinner.

B:    It needs to be at (gesturing with his hands) that size.

A:    Oooh I know.

B:    Can I touch it?

C:    No! We need angel delight.

B:    Oooh it’s very soft to the touch.

C:    Mrs Goggins spent a long time making it.

A:    I’ve never seen one that size.

I’ll leave it up to your imaginations as to what they were talking about, but hence to say there was a lot of laughing going on! 

All in all we had a great night and are keen to join forces again with Out of Character. 

Jane Allanach