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Reception: Reflection and Reaction

Yesterday Out of Character performed in the Holgate Reception at York St. John University as part of World Mental Health Day.

We would like to thank everyone who noticed us quietly manipulating the movements of one another, who took an interest in what the two cleaning ladies were talking about, who kept an eye on the mystery men with suitcases, who greeted Mr. Hat and Mr. Bucket’s pleasantries,  who joined in the most miserable party, or looked on bemused by the Top Hat exchange rate.

Special thanks to anyone who came and spoke to us at our table and took away some information about mental well-being and about the company.

While mental health issues have been a component of our work,  our site specific intervention yesterday was more concerned with playing with theatrical conventions and our attitudes to the performance space. So it was interesting to hear some people’s reactions and interpretations to elements of the work. It made us reassess and reinterpret some aspects that hadn’t occurred to us at the time of devising.