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Personal stories: An insight into ourselves and others

During our session on the 27th of October, we focused upon autobiographical stories which weren’t associated with mental health. The stories came from personal objects that were brought in from all members of Out of Character, from which we were asked to tell the story of their ‘object’. The session was interesting due to the nature and stories behind the objects, each varying in story, meaning and personal understanding. We further explored the autobiographical meanings behind the objects by use of tableaux.

The photograph below shows a tableaux performed by 4 members of the company re-enacting the story/emotion behind said object. In this case a story related to the frustration and neglect of the benefit system.

This type of autobiographical work resembles the work of Bobby Baker. In her work she takes a look into abstract score of her life and life experiences. She does this by over exaggerating certain routine chores in order to best exemplify how the little routines/stories within her life had such  large impact on her work. Out of Character’s tableaux worked in a very similar fashion, in the sense that by capturing a moment within the stories we as the audience were able to break down and really analyse even the smallest of movements within a moment that would normally have gone unnoticed.