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An overwhelming response to In/Hospitable

Last month we staged the first two performances of our new show. We weren’t sure how it would be recieved. Was the science-fiction genre the right choice to address present issues or was it just plain weird? Would the non-linear storyline even make sense? Would the presentation of the characters ring true or false? We had first night nerves…

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In the Moment Explore the Patient/Client Experience

On the 20th February, In the Moment visited York University to perform to first year nursing students. This was an exciting opportunity for us, with an audience of 170 students! The performance and workshop was for the module ‘Exploring the Patient/Client Experience’. 

In this module students are encouraged and supported in exploring and considering the importance of understanding the patient/client experience of living with a named condition or in a named situation. Throughout the module the students are asked to explore ideas relating to 'patient centredness' and the value of hearing and understanding patient/clients 'stories'. It is hoped that this learning can then develop their understanding through consideration of how they can apply their understanding to nursing practice. 

 The performance and workshop started with a piece we devised called ‘We Are All People’, in which the actors share their stories and experiences of mental health services.

We then continued the workshop in a forum theatre style. The actors played out scenes that could occur in a mental health care setting featuring a nurse. The student nurses then offered the nurse in the scene advice, and worked out how the nurse could improve the situation. The nurses were able to explore how they would cope in situations with low staff numbers, or under pressure.

We hope the students at York University found this as exciting and valuable experience as we did. We look forward to working with York University in the future, as we received a great deal of positive feedback.

By Anna Lewis

Assistant Director of In the Moment

Introducing In/Hospitable

We've been quiet on the blog for sometime but, behind the scenes, we've been extremely busy. We are now proud to announce our new show - In/hospitable! In the run up to the play's June debut we promise to keep you posted about the development of the show and how it will dramatically change over time...

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In the Moment perform at Charity Dinner

Earlier this year, In the Moment were invited by Two Ridings Community Foundation and the Investment management firm, Brooks MacDonald, to perform at a charity dinner to raise funds on behalf of The Arts for Change Fund which supports voluntary and community groups, and small charities in York and North Yorkshire. 

Two Ridings Community Foundation has generously supported Out of Character in the past, so it was a good  opportunity to thank them. We performed an excerpt of a show we are currently working on, followed by testimonials by the group of the positive impact that making theatre has had on their lives (see below).

The evening was a huge success raising £5000 which will be used to provide arts or other cultural activity to enrich and change the lives of those who are excluded or disadvantaged. 

'Can I say once again a huge “THANK YOU” to you all, plus the cast from In the Moment for giving up your time, and creating such a fantastic performance at our dinner on Friday evening.   I hope you felt as strongly as we did that the message came across loud and clear to the guests. 

We had lots of feedback afterwards, all of it positive, and the testimonials in particular seemed to have resonated with everyone'. 

(Ian Savage: Development Manager of Two Ridings Community Foundation_)



In the Moment arrive and familiarise themselves with the space

In the Moment arrive and familiarise themselves with the space

Time for a brief rehearsal between the wonderful refreshments provided

Time for a brief rehearsal between the wonderful refreshments provided

The guests eagerly await our performance!

The guests eagerly await our performance!

Members Imi and Chloe, and Assistant Artistic Director Anna, relax on the red carpet post show!

Members Imi and Chloe, and Assistant Artistic Director Anna, relax on the red carpet post show!


Testimonials by In the Moment.


In the Moment gives me the opportunity to interact with interesting people towards a common creative goal (Lorna).


It has changed my view of who I am, and the strengths and potential I have (Jamie).


It has changed the course of my life when doors were closing, it was the one door left open.  Taking the risk, I took the path as a way of life and now I don’t miss those closed doors at all (Imi).


Being part of In the Moment has given me an outlet for my creativity and imagination (Chloe).


 At In the Moment, everyone’s ideas are of equal value. We are a team, an ensemble, and most of all friends (Anne Marie).



I feel that drama has given me a purpose. I like working with people. I live in my flat alone and look forward to coming to the weekly sessions (Joe).


For me, it is a safe place to grow and share who I am. To turn suffering, into something valuable (Adam).





In drama, I find myself.

No longer am I drifting, floating far away from my physical body.

In drama, I am heavy, substantial, full of substance; I am me.

Heavy, flesh and bones, here, present, connected with others.

I am me, and others reflect me back to myself.

I am alive, and being alive is something very rare for me. (Anne Marie)



Engaging with theatre has a profound effect on my life.

A light in the dark penetrating my depression and enabling me to see my qualities and potential in a new light.

The chance to explore and inhabit different aspects of my personality and human nature. 

Providing the roots for my creative self to grow and a stage to share the results.

Allowing me to interact, share and create with a group of interesting, empathetic and artistic people.

The opportunity to play and imagine free from the restraints of boundaries and judgement.

Devising, improvising and performing reduce my tendency to over-think and place me 'In the Moment'.

The positive effects of engaging with theatre spill over into my normal life providing fluid foundations to be built on as I continue to progress.

Above all engaging with theatre has given me a new love  (Jamie).



Imagine a theatre company full of people with mental illness…

It doesn’t sound much fun.

Maybe people flying off the handle at the slightest knock,

Weeping and rocking in corners,

Exchanging stories of woe and turmoil.

But it’s not like that at all.

“Fake it TIL you make it”

That’s what they always say.

For me theatre (professional pretending) looked like a promising way to break myself out of a skin too tight and a world too foggy.

But by the first fortnight I realised

There’s no point faking it when you are among professional fakers.

The expert nodders to questions like “are you okay?”

The unrelenting, all weather, smilers.

And on week two I thought-

I have finally found a safe space.


We sit in circles so there are no sides.

We are a team, an ensemble but most of all friends.

We are equal in value and our ideas don’t just test the water- they sail.

We are thinkers and writers and performers.

We paint pictures people don’t see because they’ve never had to look.

We bring for others the enthusiasm, the confidence and the guts we all feel we lack.

We will try anything.

And when we stand before you, our audience.

We are not mentally ill.

We are experienced

We are creative.

We are building performances from the rubble of the walls we have knocked down.

We are strong.

We are listeners and appreciators

Of the skill and the effort made to get out of the door.

We smile and laugh with each other as a means to say thank you.

Thank you for coming out of the rubble and using the mind you feel smothered by to dance

To joke

And to entertain.

For creating a parody for the pain felt inside.

‘Fake it TIL you make it’

But what we have in theatre studio 4.

Is something that can’t be forged.

We are In the Moment (Imi).



By Jane Allanach Artistic Director of In the Moment

We have been Shortlisted!!!

We are so thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for an Excellence In Cultural Equality and Diversity award as part of the York Culture Awards! In such a vibrant city it is such a privilege to be nominated and so to be shortlisted is very humbling.  We look forward to the awards ceremony on the 23rd of November!

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